Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Season for Silken Ballet - Grand Opening with MayUra,

If there is a reason to see the spectacular ballet "Mayura" it certainly should be for graceful exotic movemets and the glorious outfits created by Ephemera Designs exclusively for Silken Ballet. The choreography by Babette Kaniuk and Babylon Sierot has been inspired by the movements of peacocks in an indian palace.

Join your group for the MayUra show calendar.


Angelica said...

I'm not really in to SL, but I had no idea that it was this developed and that there was an existing dance troup there. So cool! Can't you write more about how the animations are done? How long does it take to make a one minute sequence for example?

Silken Ballets said...

hello Angelica,

Thank you for your comment.
Our animations are built or bought. Each gesture requires its own animation and then there is the problem of coordinating everything with the music. The animations are made in Poser or QAvimator (a program designed specifically for creating animations for SL). There are several animators selling dance animations. There are still limitations in what we can animate - hands are still not able to be posed, for instance - however we are pleased with what we have been able to do and continue to watch for developments and to find ways around the limitations.

Wishing u the best